I am in Italy -Viareggo at the moment that is why I have been on the blog. I have been busy discovering the beauty around here. 

Room view from the hotel

Went to see the lesning tower of Pisa yesterday – way to close not to go and see it! 
This place is just so charming – could stay here for much longer. But we are leaving for Denmark tomorrow to stay in a cottage with my parents and siblings. 

I spend the time I can on the beach trying to work on a tan.

And of couse shopping, yesterday I found this gorgeous Isabel Marant top. 


I bought this glow booster from Clarins at the Airport coming to Copenhagen and I am so happy about it now that it has been raining since I came to Copenhagen. I just add 2 drops of this in my normal day cream and it gives a natural summer glow, as if I have been tanning the day before.